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Barracuda SSL VPN 380

Enables Secure, Clientless Remote Access.

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The Barracuda SSL VPN 380 is an integrated hardware and software solution enabling secure, clientless remote access to internal network resources from any Web browser. Designed for Maximum Concurrent 50 Users, the Barracuda SSL VPN 380 provides comprehensive control over file systems and Web-based applications requiring external access.

At A Glance
» 50 Concurrent Users
» 1x10/100 Ethernet
» 1U Mini Rackmount Chassis

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  1. Barracuda SSL VPN 380 Appliance

    » 50 Concurrent Users (Maximum)
    » 1U Mini Rackmount Chassis
    » 1x10/100
    » SSL Tunneling
    » Citrix XenApp/VNC/NX/Telnet/SSH/RDP
    » Layered Authentication Schemes
    » Remote Assistance
    » Multiple User Realms
    » Hardware Token, Syslog
    Note: This appliance requires an Energize Update subscription

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Features & Benefits of Barracuda SSL VPN 380

Barracuda SSL VPN 380

Today's global economy demands employees to be increasingly more mobile and flexible in meeting business needs. An inherent challenge is enabling secure remote access to network resources with an audit trail. Typical users require the use of email, file servers, intranet Web sites, databases and desktop access to office workstations. With conventional VPN solutions such as IPSec or PPTP, secure access to resources are often difficult or impossible to manage.

Accessible from any Web browser on any operating system, the Barracuda SSL VPN is an integrated hardware and software solution with the power of an enterprise-class solution and affordability demanded by organizations of all sizes. The Barracuda SSL VPN includes all of the features needed to enable resource access from a powerful policy-based permissions framework and maintains network hygiene by scanning for viruses before uploading files back to the network. Designed for remote employees and road warriors, the Barracuda SSL VPN provides an audit log of all activity during a VPN session.

SSL Tunneling

From any Web browser, users gain secure remote access to internal Web applications and network files shares. Richer support for SSL tunneling is enabled through the Barracuda SSL VPN agent, a lightweight Java tunneling client that supports common remote applications, including Remote Desktop Services, Citrix XenApp, VNC, NX, SSH and Telnet.

Barracuda Network Connector

Designed for applications using UDP, the Barracuda Network Connector is a secure IP tunneling client installed on a user's workstation or laptop. When the Barracuda Network Connector is started, a full IP connection is created to the Barracuda SSL VPN appliance. The Barracuda Network Connector has a fully routed VPN connection off t the remote network, enabling content to stream off the remote network and allowing the use of any TCP or UDP application, such as legacy client/server applications.

Intranet Web Forwarding

The Barracuda SSL VPN acts as a Web proxy for most intranet Web sites. There are a number of methods available to proxy intranet Web sites. The choice is determined by the complexity of the Web site.

Windows Explorer Mapped Drives

When connecting using Windows 2000 or later, administrators configure the Barracuda SSL VPN Agent to automatically map network drives directly to file systems authorized for VPN access. These mapped drives are used like other network drives and are safely removed after the session ends. The Barracuda SSL VPN Agent transparently encrypts all files copied to and from mapped drives.

Single Sign-On

The Barracuda SSL VPN integrates with existing user databases via LDAP, RADIUS, Active Directory and NIS. This ensures user account maintenance is centralized and eliminates the duplication of user data across the organization. Additionally, the Barracuda SSL VPN authenticates certain services using credentials, including:

  • » Remote Desktop. The Barracuda SSL VPN has the ability to pass the active users' Active Directory credentials through to the Remote Desktop session for true single sign-on.
  • » Intranet Web Forwards. When using the reverse proxy Web forwarding feature, intranet Web sites can be launched passing through the active users' credentials to the Web application allowing transparent authentication.

All files uploaded during a Barracuda SSL VPN session to the network file system or from a proxied intranet Web application, are automatically scanned for viruses, spyware and other forms of malware. Virus definitions are maintained via Barracuda Energize updates to prevent compromised files from being uploaded to the network.

Application Launching

Using Application Launching, administrators can customize which applications are deployed to VPN users. The Barracuda SSL VPN includes a number of applications by default, such as SSH/SFTP, Telnet and Remote Desktop clients. With the Remote Desktop application, users are able to access their desktops with ease.

Virtual Keyboard

The virtual keyboard is an on-screen keyboard used as a security feature to defend against key logging attacks. The virtual keyboard echoes the character clicked on with the mouse.

Tiered Authentication Schemes

Tiered authentication schemes ensure the entry portal to an organization's network is protected by comprehensive security. When using Active Directory authentication, the administrator can elect to implement a PIN authentication module before prompting for the user's Active Directory password. This additional security layer decreases account lockouts from happening as a result of brute force password attacks on the domain.

Hardware Token Authentication

The Barracuda SSL VPN supports RSA SecurID, VASCO, Safeword and CryptoCard authentication servers through RADIUS integration. The use of hardware token authentication allows for access using a one-time password token.

Client Access Controls

Administrators can enforce policies to restrict client access based on operating system or Web browser version. These policies can be used to ensure that end user computers are updated to the latest versions and free of known vulnerabilities prior to gaining access to network resources.

Automatic Cache Cleaning

When enabled, a cache cleaning utility automatically runs when users logout or disconnect, clearing all traces of the secure session from the Web browser cache and history. Cache cleaning is recommended when remote users access the Barracuda SSL VPN from public or shared computers.

Site-to-Site Connectivity

The Barracuda SSL VPN Server Agent streamlines connections to services at remote sites without the security risks and overhead related with configuring and maintaining a fully routed IPSec connection. The Barracuda SSL VPN Server Agent directly connects to services hosted on remote sites from the Barracuda SSL VPN. Once installed at a remote site, shortcuts to services access resource via the Web portal interface.

Auditing and Reporting

All resource access via the Barracuda SSL VPN is audited. Reports are available in real time showing a comprehensive look at privilege usage, failed logons, file and intranet use. Additionally, the status page provides statistics showing resource use.

Multiple User Realms

Realms are used where multiple user databases exist within an organization. By using realms, the Barracuda SSL VPN can be configured to authenticate against multiple domain servers and other directories, such as LDAP and NIS at once.

Customizable User Profiles

Users can create profiles that store configuration settings unique to a session. Profiles are useful in the case where a user may connect to the Barracuda SSL VPN from a number of different locations. In these cases, proxy servers are preset and configured for the Barracuda SSL VPN Agent to use depending upon the location.

Model Comparison of Barracuda SSL VPN

Model Comparison

Model 180180

Model 280280

Model 380380

Model 480480

Model 680680

Maximum Concurrent Users152550100500
Rackmount Chassis1U Mini1U Mini1U Mini1U Mini1U Fullsize
Dimensions (in.)16.8x1.7x9.116.8x1.7x1416.8x1.7x1416.8x1.7x1416.8x1.7x22.6
Dimensions (cm.)42.7x4.3x23.142.7x4.3x35.642.7x4.3x35.642.7x4.3x35.642.7x4.3x57.4
Weight (lbs. /kg.)8/3.612/5.412/5.412/5.426/11.8
AC Input Current (Amps)
Redundant Disk Array (RAID)availableavailable
ECC Memoryavailable
SSL Tunnelingavailableavailableavailableavailableavailable
Barracuda Network Connectoravailableavailableavailableavailableavailable
Intranet Web Forwardingavailableavailableavailableavailableavailable
Network File Accessavailableavailableavailableavailableavailable
Windows Explorer Mapped Drivesavailableavailableavailableavailableavailable
Citrix XenApp/VNC/NX/Telnet/SSH/RDP Applicationsavailableavailableavailableavailableavailable
Remote Desktop Single Sign-onavailableavailableavailableavailableavailable
Virtual Keyboardavailableavailableavailableavailableavailable
Active Directory/LDAP Integrationavailableavailableavailableavailableavailable
Layered Authentication Schemesavailableavailableavailableavailableavailable
Multiple User Realmsavailableavailableavailable
Barracuda SSL VPN Server Agentavailableavailableavailable
Hardware Token Supportavailableavailableavailable
RADIUS Authenticationavailableavailableavailable
SNMP / APIavailableavailable
Syslog Loggingavailableavailable

SSL VPN Buyer's Guide

The purpose of this article is to help you make a decision as far as which Barracuda SSL VPN device would be best for your organization. 

When deciding which Barracuda SSL VPN device will be best for your organization you will first want to figure out the maximum amount of concurrent users will need remote access. The following table will give you a guide as far as which device will support the amount of remote users you have. 

Model ComparisonModel 280Model 380Model 480
Maximum Concurrent Users2550100
Rackmount Chassis1U Mini1U Mini1U Mini
Dimensions (in.)16.8x1.7x1416.8x1.7x1416.8x1.7x14
Dimensions (cm.)42.7 x 4.3 x 35.642.7 x 4.3 x 35.642.7 x 4.3 x 35.6
Weight (lbs./kg.)12/5.412/5.412/5.4
Ethernet1 x 10/1001 x 10/1001 x 10/100
AC Input Current (Amps)
Redundant Disk Array (RAID)  x
SSL TunnelingXXX
Barracuda Network ConnectorXXX
Intranet Web ForwardingXXX
Network File AccessXXX
Windows Explorer Mapped DrivesXXX
VNC/NX/Telnet/SSH/RDP ApplicationsXXX
Remote Desktop Single Sign OnXXX
Virtual KeyboardXXX
Active Directory/ LDAP IntegrationXXX
Layered Authentication SchemesXXX
Multiple User Realms Xx
Barracuda SSL VPN Server Agent Xx
Hardware Token Support  X
RADIUS Authentication  X
Syslog Logging  X
Multiple User Realms and the Barracuda SSL VPN Support Agent are available on models 380 and above.
Hardware Token Support, RADIUS Authentication, SNMP/API, and Syslog Logging are available on only the model 480.


Energize Updates- Energize Updates are required for the first year. Include Virus Definition updates, application updates, security updates, basic technical support, and firmware updates. Energize Updates are required for the first year.


Instant Replacement- Instant Replacement is an optional subscription. Will extend the hardware warranty on the device and upgrade the technical support to 24x7. In the event of failure a replacement unit will be shipped overnight.


Premium Support- Not available on the Barracuda SSL VPN devices at this time.

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Secure clientless remote access to internal network resources from any Web browser.
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