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Barracuda Backup Server Buyers Guide

The purpose of this article is to help you decide which Barracuda Backup Server would be best for your organization. The Barracuda Backup Service combines an onsite appliance with a monthly subscription that replicates data to two offsite locations.


Barracuda Backup Subscription


The Barracuda Backup Subscription plans provide diverse offsite storage at affordable monthly fees and scale to meet increasing data requirements. It is a required subscription to go along with the Barracuda Backup Server. The following table outlines the pricing for the Barracuda Backup Service.


StorageMonthly Price
50 GB$94.05
100 GB$170.05
250 GB$360.05
500 GB$626.05
1,000 GB$1,091.55
1,500 GB$1,405.05
2,000 GB$1,642.55
3,000 GB$2,136.55
5,000 GB$3,229.05
10,000 GB$6,174.05
20,000 GB$11,399.05
Overage charge per gig$3.80


Barracuda Backup Subscription Features

• Offsite backup to two geographically separate locations.
• Secure data transfer to offsite data center.
• Redundant disk-based storage.
• Best-of-breed data retention policies.
• Single transfer from location to save bandwidth.
• Centralized web interface for granular controls.
• Detailed, easy-to-use reports and usage graphs.
• Quick and easy restoration Web interface.
• Fully featured client software for advanced data restore.
• Direct FTPS data access with point in time restore.


Barracuda Backup Server


The Barracuda Backup Server is a powerful appliance installed onsite to provide full backup of current and historical data, high backup performance and fast network-based local restores. The Barracuda Backup Server also de-duplicates data at the origin to minimize the unnecessary storage of the same file, while providing efficient and secure offsite transfer using compression and encryption.


The following table will help you match up the correct Barracuda Backup Server with your storage requirements.


Model ComparisonModel 100Model 300Model 400Model 600Model 800
Supported Backup Subscriptions50-250 g50-500 G50-1,250G50-2,500 G50-5,000 G
Rackmount Chassis1U Mini1U Mini1U1U2U
Dimensions (in.)16.8x1.7x1416.8x1.7x1417.2x1.7x19.817.2x1.7x19.817.4x3.5x25.5
Dimensions (cm.)42.7x4.3x35.642.7x4.3x35.643.7x4.3x50.343.7x4.3x50.344.2x8.9x64.8
Weight (lbs. /kg.)12/5.412/5.426/11.826/11.852/23.6
AC Input Current (Amps.)
Redundant Disk Array (RAID)NoYesYesYesYes
Hardened and secure OSyesyesyesyesyes
Local Backup Cacheyesyesyesyesyes
Backup Schedulesyesyesyesyesyes
Bandwidth Rate Limiting/ Speed Limitsyesyesyesyesyes
Secure Offsite Transferyesyesyesyesyes
Local Restoreyesyesyesyesyes


As you can see from looking at the chart, the features are all the same from one model to the next. The major differences are the storage capacity and the Ethernet speeds.




Barracuda Backup Service- Required subscription when purchasing the Barracuda Backup Server. It provides offsite storage to two different locations. Also provides for support in the case of any problems arising with completing the backups.


Instant Replacement- Optional subscription that extends the hardware warranty on the backup server. Guarantees overnight replacement of the server in the case of failure.


If you have any further questions about the Barracuda Backup Server, please feel free to contact me.


Phillip Petit
Senior Sales Engineer
866-469-9255 ext 122

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